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Welcome to Blue Passions.A club made specialy in honor for the most wonderful couple in anime history aka Kenshin & Kaoru. ^^(Originaly this club was only for kaoru but seeing as not many people were interested we gave it a little twist he he ^^

Alright you guys.The votes are tallied and the verdict is in.You wanted a winter themed contest and a winter themed contest you will get.^^Now first up the votes it was in the end five for winter and zero for new years eve.Poor new years ever din't stand a chance.Alright now second up are the contest rules.

Contest rules list:

1/Each member can enter up to two entries and no more

2/All media is allowed digital traditional sculpiting pencil crayons paints sketchings whatever suits your style you can do it buuuuuuut it has to depict both k&k

3/Other characters are allowed in the entry but both k&k need to be in it and need to be the center of attention for example they can't be standing in the background somewhere going unnoticed this is a k&k club after all alright

4/Giving enough time our current deadline is on thursday the 24th of july

5/If requested in time an extention can be given if some people havn't finished their piece or pieces yet

6/All entries need to be enterd with a note to the club titled "winter contest entry" any comments to this journal containing entries will not be acepted sorry guys

7/The notes require a link back to your entry and any information you wish to share with us about your entries

8/You can accept help on your entries but the helping artist needs to be credited to us and they will recieve part of the winning glory

9/The theme is winter however what happends is completly up to you wether it's a fight in the snow,or making snowman,or having a snowball fight or anything else is all up to you be creative be original and most of all have fun

10/Enjoy yourselves as much as you can with it

Prices this time around are:

1st price winner:The entry will be the featured deviation untill the next contest is held,recieve their entry and three other deviations of their choice of their own gallery featured in the club's journal for several weeks,and will recieve a collaboration or drawing request  by choice from the club's moderator if they want to

2nd price winner:Will have their entry and two other deviations of their own gallery of their choice featured in the club's journal for several weeks,will have the option of choosing what the next held contest will be all about,will recieve a collaboration by choice with the club's moderator if they want to

3rd price winner:Will have their entry and one other deviation of their own gallery of their own choice featured in the club's journal for several weeks

Now the contest starts as of ... noooooooooooooooooooooooow...have fun guys.
How to join:
1/Send the club a note titled ''join''
2/Watch the club
3/Put the club's icon in your journal

How to submit art:
1/Send the club a note titled ''submit''
2/Be sure to put the correct link in the note
3/The club will do the rest

How to enter a contest:
1/Send us a note titles "contest entry"
2/Be sure to put the correct link in the note
3/The club will post the picture for the members to vote in time

:iconhonda-thoru: :icondomx:


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Ari chan
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Hey, whats going on? 23/female.. come chat with me on this website CLICK HERE
KaoruxKenshin Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2008
How can I join. As you can tell, I am a KenKao fanatic!

And... *glomps* b/c so are you!
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i'm joining!! XD :D
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how can i submit a work?
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